Youth Soccer

2020 Soccer Flyer
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Soccer registrations will begin on June 15th and end on July 15th. Click HERE to sign in and register under the "Programs" tab. In order to be eligible to play youth soccer, players must be 4 years old on or by August 1, 2020. The registration fee is $75.00 per child. Sample size uniforms will be available to view at the Rec Center to assist with sizing. At this time we ask that players do NOT try on sample uniforms. 

Players will need shin guards for all practices and games. Cleats are optional. The major difference between soccer and baseball shoes is the pattern of the cleats on the bottom. Soccer cleats typically have two front cleats that are spread apart. On soccer cleats you will notice there is never a single cleat at the very front tip. This type of stud often is found on baseball, football and lacrosse cleats because it helps players gain more traction on the field. However, in soccer, such stud placement is dangerous. As players attempt to take the ball from one another, a front cleat is in a prime position to cause injury to the feet, shins and knees of other players. No baseball cleats are allowed. Rubber soled tennis shoes are allowed. Metal cleats are prohibited.  

Evaluations will be announced at a later date. Depending on the number of players, some teams could be co-ed and may involve some travel. If you have 3 or more children playing soccer please register at the Boaz Rec Center. 

For more information contact the Boaz Rec Center at (256) 593-7862.


Soccer vs Baseball Cleats