3rd Thursday Thrills

3rd Thursday Thrills

3rd Thursday Thrills PDF

To make everything as safe as possible, we ask that everyone wear masks and use the hand sanitizer station. 

How it will work: 
              March, April, and May will be two different days for the craft, Wednesday & Thursday. Both days will have the same craft, you do not need to come to both. We are only allowing 15 kids per 3rd Thursday for now, but that can always be adjusted later if needed. There is a sign-up sheet for both time slots every month. Please call us at 256-593-3000 and give your child(ren)'s name, your phone number, and which date you'd like.

If you are unable to attend, please cancel as soon as possible so we can open your spot to someone who may be waiting. 

There will be a very limited amount of grab bags available for those who feel more comfortable staying home.