Business License & Building Permit

Business License

All Boaz Business licenses must be renewed yearly between January 1st and January 31st and are collected at Boaz City Hall.


A Business Application form is provided here for download and printing. Please present a completed form when renewing or changing your current license and to apply for a New Business License.

Business Licenses forms and payments are collected at Boaz City Hall. If you have any questions contact Jill Smith.

Building Permits

Building Permit payments are collected at Boaz City Hall. View the Building Permit (PDF).

Permit Portal Coming Soon

The Subcontractors List (PDF) will need to be turned in prior to the 15 days following the issuance of a residential or commercial building permit.

View the Building Inspection page for additional information.

Roofing Permit

Are you a residential roofer? Do you work on jobs that are over $2,500? If you answered Yes to both questions, you need a Home Builders Roofers License!

Any person or business engaging in residential roofing where the cost exceeds $2,500 and work involves the installation of products or repair of surfaces on the external upper covering of a residence or structure that seals, waterproofs, or weatherproofs the residence or structure is required to hold a Home Builders Licensure Board (HBLB) Roofers License effective January 1, 2019. There is no test for a roofers license.

Home Builders Licensure Board

Regulations & Applications

Take a look at the HBLB regulations (PDF) for examples of when a roofers, limited or unlimited license is required.

Download an application packet, or send a written request for an application packet with the $25 application packet fee enclosed, to:
Attn: Roofers License Application
Home Builders Licensure Board
P.O. Box 303605
Montgomery, AL 36130-3605

Working without a license when a license is required is a Class A Misdemeanor!