Project Lifesaver

About the Program

The Boaz Police Department is proud to announce we have partnered with Project Lifesaver to bring loved ones home. Four officers with the Boaz Police Department have been trained to locate loved ones who have a tendency to wander off, become lost, or are unable to find their way home. We've received a federal grant for the equipment to conduct a searches for Alzheimer's or Dementia patients and loved ones that have a mental impairment who are wearing a wrist band locator regardless of age. Two of the officers were trained to be instructors and soon the majority of the department will be trained in the use of the equipment.

Public Safety Aviation Division

Along with this program, The Alabama Department of Public Safety Aviation Division is another tool that can be utilized. As soon as someone who is wearing the locator bracelet is reported missing we can contact them and they will send a helicopter to the area. They state a near 100% success rate in locating these loved ones. Instructors include Captain Mark and myself Deputy Chief Todd Adams. Two operators at this time are Patrolmen Justin Dake and Jonathan Rohlfs. The Police Department is very excited about this program.