Community Safety

Police Safety Goals

Police officers are, in their basic designation, law enforcement. There are other designations but this is their primary focus. It is the one aspect that all police personnel have in common. Regardless of their specialty, title, rank, or name they are to enforce laws. Regardless of the method of enforcement, the ultimate goal is to ensure and maintain safety for all persons as well as protect the rights of all.

Safety Violations

Sometimes people choose to violate laws regardless of police presence or because they do not immediately see a police officer. Due to the severity of their violation or due to the amount of previous citations, some driver's lose their Driver's License for a period of time or commit violations that end up costing them several hundreds of dollars in legal costs. A person could easily spend $200.00 due to simply wanting to get somewhere quicker. What they may not realize at the time of their violation is that their desire to make better time in travel could under unfortunate circumstances cost them their life or the life of another. Ultimately violator ends up paying for their bad decisions, primarily due to their disregard for the safety of themselves and others.