The Records Office of the Boaz Police Department is located in the upper portion of the Police Administration Building. The office is easily accessible from Line Avenue with parking available across the street in the First Baptist Church of Boaz parking lot.

Obtaining a Report

If you need to obtain a report, you may need to have ready certain information. All of the following criteria are not required, but the more information you have available, the better:
  • Date that the report was taken
  • License or Social Security Number of one of the parties involved and/or the reporting officer's name
  • Name
  • Place of occurrence
  • Report number

Unavailable Records

Some records or certain information on a record may not be public information. In this event, the record might only be released to one of the parties involved, a designee or upon court order.

If you are receiving an Incident/Offense report and are interested in pursuing charges against an offender, the report will need to be taken to the Boaz Municipal Court's Magistrates Office to follow-up with the procedures for obtaining warrants.