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Fire and Rescue, Boaz, Alabama
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City of Boaz
City of Boaz, AL.
1953 Chevy Fire Truck picture
Old Pumper Truck and Firefighters

In 1955, the Fire Department was located on South Broad Street and was a completely volunteer organization led by Fire Chief Red Robinson. The total membership was 14 volunteer firefighters and the main equipment used by the department consisted of two fire trucks - a 1932 Ford 500 gallon per minute pumper and a 1952 Chevrolet 500 gallon per minute pumper. The city compensated the department’s members by paying them $3.00 per fire call and fire drill they participated in. There were 44 fire calls that year and the city paid the volunteers a combined total of $1,995.00 for their services.

The Worst conflagration (devastating fire) in department history occurred in November, 1977. It involved the old Boaz Junior High School, located on Thomas Avenue, and occupied an entire city block. Eleven Fire Departments from surrounding cities were called for assistance with 77 Firefighters battling the blaze. The age and construction of the building made it very difficult to extinguish, but due to the teamwork, determination and commitment of all involved, the Firefighters were able to save the gymnasium, lunchroom and two classrooms. This was a great loss for the Citizens of Boaz.

In 1962, The Fire Department was moved to a location on Line Avenue, which also housed City Hall, the Police Department, and The Street and Sanitation Department. Ellis Thompson was hired as the “First” Fulltime Fire Chief for the City of Boaz. Chief Thompson held the position for approximately 2 years.

In 1964, Billy B. Dyar was named Fire Chief. Chief Dyar held the position for approximately 8 years. Chief Dyar was later elected Mayor for the City of Boaz and he served in that position for several four-year terms.

In 1972, Jackie W. Nicholson was appointed Fire Chief and held the rank for 28 years. In 1988, during Chief Nicholson’s tenure, the Fire Department was relocated to its current location on the corner of Brown Street and East Mann Avenue.

In 2000, Olen A. Morrison was appointed to the position of Fire Chief where he served until 2009.

In 2009, Mike Sparks was appointed to the position of Fire Chief where he served until 2014.